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Painter and Decorator in Edinburgh, Leith - Craig. D.

Experienced painter

Painter verified by Painteradam

Professional demeanor

"Painting and decorating has been my professional occupation for the past 20 years. I always make sure to decorate with an eye for detail."

Painting walls, apartments, houses, offices and commercial spaces

Painting and decorating any kind of woodwork, hanging wallpaper and plaster repairs

White and colored painting of residential and non-residential premises

References from my clients

"Craig repaired and painted the walls in our living room and kitchen. When we looked at the walls, it was clear that he has great attention to detail."

Maisie, Edinburgh Ravelston


Craig D.

is painting in


and surrounding area.

Looking for a painter and decorator in a different area? We operate in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Bradford.

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