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Bedroom Colours; Do's and Don'ts

Are you thinking of painting your bedroom? But you don’t know what is the most suitable colour for your bedroom? Adam and its experienced professionals are here to answer these questions.

Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries, the places we relax, sleep, spend time getting ready or watching TV. It has a significant importance to feel comfortable and calm while being in it. So we would think that the colors we are surrounded with are giving the pace to our mood.

Freshly Painted Dark Blue walls


Bright colours

Intense red, fuchsia, magenta, ivy green or royal blue are going to create tension to the eye, which is not helpful if you are seeking relaxation. Maybe in another bedroom, possibly in the living room.

Cold toned colours

Colours such as gray, black or dark colours create a cold atmosphere and a not so friendly environment. In your bedroom, you will need more warm colours that will create a nest for you to sleep and relax.

Green walls in a bedroom

Plain white

You would not imagine that white is one of the don’ts. White is an easy colour, and fits perfectly with every colour or style you are seeking. But white is considered a cold colour, that is formless and quite impersonal. So we wouldn’t suggest using it, unless you are thinking of painting at least one of the other walls a different colour.


Neutral colour

Choosing neutral colours is a classic option and are always suitable for every room in the house. Tones that are not intense to the eyes, that emit calmness and warmth. Colours based on beige, caramel or even darker undertones will sure help you feel safe in your bedroom.

Author’s suggestion: Cuppa Coffee

coffee colour pallette

And some darker option: Warrior

warrior shade walls

Aqua & blue colours

Blue colours are connected to mind calmness and relaxation. That is why it is thought to be one of the most acceptable and best options for your bedroom. If you need help finding the best hue for you click on our calculator and a professional will guide you to the perfect one!

Although our suggestion is: Dragonfly:

dragon fly blue turquoise bedroom pallette

Or for a light colour: Sonata

sonata shade light bedroom colour pallet

Orange colours

Orange and its different shades are capable of giving warmth and creating a good mood so you can relax in your bedroom. Tints closer to clay colours or light creamy ones in combination with natural furniture will provide peace at heart and mind.

Maybe you can try: Oatmeal cookie

Oatmeal colour pillow case and bedroom decoration

Or even a dark shade: Red Clay

clay colour wall and bedroom decoration

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