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Dark colours in interior design: tips and tricks

Dark colours are often overlooked in interior design, with many people looking for lighter shades. However, dark colors can add depth, richness and sophistication to a room and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Dark colours can also enhance the design of a space and the feeling of luxury.

Armchair in the living room

Tips and tricks for using dark colours in interior design

Use dark colours as an accessory: It's best to use dark colours as an accent rather than covering entire walls or surfaces to avoid overwhelming the space. Consider using dark colours on statement pieces such as furniture, artwork or textiles to create a bold and striking focal point.

Pair with light colours

Dark colours look best when they are paired with light colours such as white or cream, which can create a sophisticated and elegant contrast. This balance also helps make dark colours seem less garish and makes the space feel brighter and more inviting. Feel free to read this article that can help you decide on the colour matching in your desired room.

Modern white armchair on a wooden floor

Add more textures

To break up the darkness, add textures to the space, such as patterned rugs, textured wallpaper or wicker baskets. This will add visual interest and help prevent the space from looking too flat and one-dimensional.

Letting in natural light

Dark colours can make a space feel smaller, so it's important to let in as much natural light as possible. This will help brighten up the space and create a more balanced and harmonious design. Another important factor is the type of the room. This blog post will help you decide what colour to use in a bedroom where natural lighting is a significant point.

Experiment with patterns

Dark colours are a great backdrop for bold patterns such as stripes, flowers or geometric shapes. This can add energy and life to a space and make dark colours look less austere.

Black coffee table surrounded by a plant and grey wall

Dark colours can be a powerful factor in interior design, adding depth, richness and sophistication to a room. By using dark colours as accents, combining them with light colours, adding textures, letting in natural light and experimenting with patterns, you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere that is both stylish and functional. How to prepare a room for painting can be found in this article.


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