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How to repaint a dark wall into a light one?

As time goes by, our preferences when it comes to colours change. Even though just 3 years ago we thought dark green was the perfect colour for both the kitchen and the living room after a while we realise that we need something brighter that will add more sparkle to our space and optically enlarge it. What should we do in such a case and how do we prepare for it so that the result is what we envisaged? Find out practical tips on how to repaint a wall from dark to light and how to prepare for painting.

colour palette

Assess the situation

Before you take the roller in your hand, look at the wall and evaluate the situation. If it's been a while since you've painted your walls and you can see at first glance that they are dusty, it's a good idea to start by washing them. You don't need any special equipment to do this - all you need is a good dishwashing detergent / you can also use a pre-paint cleaner (the price of such a product is about £5). You will also need a sponge.

Severe condition of the walls

In cases where the condition of the walls is not the best and the paint is peeling or falling off - the layer of dark paint must be scraped off. This task is often time-consuming and requires precision. Because the final result will depend on how carefully you scrape. In such a situation, it is worth considering the services of a professional. will prove perfect for this; on the platform, you will find qualified painters who will perform a top-quality painting service for you at an affordable price.

damaged wall with multiple layers of paint

Priming and filling

When the wall is already prepared, you might want to consider priming. This will give subsequent coats of paint much greater adhesion. Priming will also even out and unify the substrate to be painted. However, if there are damages on the wall, they will need to be filled in. When it comes to filling the wall with mud, it is not the most difficult task, but if you are not a person of precision, accuracy and meticulousness - consider hiring a professional. It is a time-consuming job and it is a good idea, before starting to putty, to get a good quality putty knife, sandpaper if you don't have a sander, and a stainless steel trowel to apply the product.

A paint roller to hand!

If the previous steps are already behind you, it's time to move on and start painting. Here it is worth considering the various arguments in favour of choosing a better quality paint. This will help us to avoid drips and will also shorten our working time. Even if we opt for a more expensive paint, this does not mean that one coat will be sufficient. Deep, dark colours may need to be painted twice or sometimes three times.

paint roller and bucket

We hope that our tips will bring light back into your home and that you will be able to enjoy the new look of your home. However, if you decide that this task is beyond you, or you would rather save your time and expect a top-quality result, we recommend the services of real professionals. On top of that, you can check the cost of such a service in the online calculator.


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