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The best ways to freshen up your room!

After a long day at work or at university, you might just need some time to sit and chat with your friends or enjoy your favorite tv show with some hot cocoa or a glass of wine in your hand! We usually find the calmness and coziness we look for, in our living rooms. But, after some time, it might seem a little monotonous. By choosing our colour scheme wisely, we will be able to set the mood of our rooms and implement the changes we are looking for!

clean and fresh white painted walls

Not just any white paint!

White is the easiest and most common colour to paint with. It pairs with every style, colour of furniture and accessories. What is certainly needed to make the difference is just another shade of white! Antique white is elegant and it goes perfectly with gray or beige, as it contains gray and caramel undertones. This shade of white gives the opportunity to have warm colours in the room, but it enables the room to look brighter and hence bigger! Classy and cozy combined!

pink coloured walls with white finishes

When orange meets pink!

The colour orange is associated with optimism and great energy. If you think you want some more colour to brighten your mood, orange is the perfect choice. Raspberry blush is the ultimate colour for the living room. It was selected as one of 2023’s colours of the year and is a combination of orange, pink and radiant red tones that give you the warmth your living room needs.

freshly painted orange and pink walls

Go Pink or go home!

If you want to go a little bolder, you can choose pink. Do you want a bohemian style in your living room? You’ve got it! Do you want sophisticated, but with a pop of colour? Rose Season is your answer! Bright shade of pink in combination with veraman and yellow accessories and wooden furniture that would make you feel like you are in a Spanish home! Rose Season is a light pink with warm undertones and it goes perfectly with bright and neutral colors.

dark blue living room walls

There will always be crafty blue!

Dark Cerulean is a crafty blue - a medium dark shade of cyan/ blue with some tones of green. It gives sophisticated, serious and complete Victorian vibes. Because of its darkness, it creates a warm, cozy atmosphere that can be lightened up a little with some mustard yellow and beige pillows, just to keep it calm!

earthy tones living room painted colours

Earth tones!

Classic and timeless, Felted wool is an earth tone color that will give a cool but cozy look to your living room! Soft gray - green colour with brown undertones, creates a warm environment. Wooden furniture, but also plain white ones from different kinds of fabrics can host a cute date with friends and some hot cocoa! If you want to brighten the room, every colour can fit in this natural palette! Finally, some green plants can complete the earthy mood you seek!

So if you want to change your living room, use our calculator and let Adam arrange everything for you! You just have to decide the color!


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